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Technology @ MITCIO

The 2008 MIT CIO Symposium will provide many opportunities to interact with attendees as well as speakers, including a live webcast, and in-conference networking using Mobinett.

This page gives on-site and remote attendees some information on how to participate. We encourage everyone to join in, whether local or in the auditorium.

In-Conference Networking & Interaction with Mobinett

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium has partnered with Mobinett to provide in-conference networking and interaction using your mobile devices.

Sign up for Mobinett and use it for:

  • Answering Live Polls - Answer polls during the conference.

  • Live Blogging (Microblog) - Share your feedback and thoughts with other attendees during the conference.

  • Asking questions during Q&A - In select sessions, text your questions/comments to the panel using your mobile device

  • Finding other attendees of interest during the conference.

To enable your account for MITCIO, email [email protected]. Get more out of attending the conference.

Short-Term Internet Connectivity for Attendees

MIT offers short-term network service to campus guests. To get their personal machine connected to the MIT network, campus visitors need to have a wireless network card or a wired Ethernet card and an Ethernet cable.

For wired machines, visitors need to plug the Ethernet cable into their computer and an MITnet network drop. This drop will likely have a green MITnet sticker. For wireless machines, visitors need to make sure the wireless card is on and enabled. In both cases, the machine needs to be configured for DHCP (obtaining an IP address automatically). If the machine is running firewall software, it will need to be disabled until the registration process is complete.

Once their equipment is ready, visitors should open a web browser and point it to any web page, select Visitor registration, and respond to the prompts about contact information, number of days of connectivity, and the event for which they are on campus. Visitors can register between 1 and 5 (consecutive) days at a time, up to 14 days per year.

For more information on connecting to the network, see


This event is part of the CXO series produced by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston. Please refer your finance colleagues to the MIT Sloan CFO Summit (