Intro to 2008

Symposium Theme Summary

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In an era of unprecedented globalization, there is extraordinary pressure for business innovation and the associated creation of new, exciting products and services. To meet these challenges, enterprises have grown larger and more complex, drawing upon diverse, multi-generational corporate knowledge and business intelligence. Now more than ever business leaders require effective and cost efficient information technology (IT) to manage their sprawling domains.

For the organization’s Chief Information Officer, the current environment calls for a creative vision that draws upon the latest breakthroughs in IT and pragmatic change management capability. Technology and process advances are important, but must be architected within established frameworks that assure the cost effective and timely deployment of practical business solutions.

To traverse some treacherous shoals, today’s CIO must remain aligned with line-of-business colleagues while harnessing the potential of innovative tools and new approaches emerging in the market place. Further, this has to occur in the context of always-tight IT budgets and constrained delivery timelines. Balance is needed on the call for bread-and-butter technology maintenance resources versus the need for new investments more in line with firm’s global vision and mission.

The 2008 MIT CIO Symposium will focus on the core value propositions associated with global delivery models, emerging capabilities, and best practices in selection, design and deployment of IT. This forum is an opportunity look beyond the day-to-day issues to focus on a spectrum of solutions that are either here already or just over the horizon – ranging from virtualization, Web 2.0 to the “greening” of the data center.

7:30 8:30 Registration (Rockwell Cage) and Continental Breakfast (Kresge Tent)
8:30 8:45

Welcome & Introduction to the Conference

Gopi Bala & Mike Johnson, 2008 MIT CIO Symposium Event Co-Chairs
Location: Kresge auditorium

8:45 9:45

CEO Keynote: Ronald A. Williams, Aetna
Location: Kresge auditorium

9:45 10:30

Keynote Panel - Academic Perspectives on Innovation and Cost Leadership

Glen Urban
Michael A. Cusumano
Michael Schrage
Peter Weill
Thomas W. Malone

Location: Kresge auditorium

10:30 11:00 Coffee Break and Networking
11:00 12:00

CIO Keynote Panel

Gerri Martin-Flickinger
Molly ONeill
Stuart McGuigan
Andre V. Mendes
Erik Brynjolfsson

Location: Kresge auditorium

12:00 1:30 MITCIO Award & Lunch
Location: Rockwell Cage

Emerging Technologies

Vertical Industries

1:30 2:45

Analytics 2.0: The Analytics Driven Enterprise

Claudia Imhoff
Douglas Tracy
Imad Mouline
Kenneth Ouimet
Rosalee Hermens

Location: Kresge auditorium

Enterprise 2.0 Technology Enablers - Hype, Hope or 2010 Mainstream?

Andrew P. McAfee
James Lin
Mike Willis
Maria Pardee
Richard E. Mickool

Location: student center 20 Chimneys

Financial Services: Innovating Under Uncertainty � Key Lessons for CIOs

Keith Dennelly
Guillermo Kopp
Marc Gordon
Niraj Patel
Joseph T. McCartin

Location: little kresge

Trends in Telecom/Utilities: Supporting Business Evolution Through IT Leadership

Bennett L. Gaines
Clifford A. Tozier
Esteban Herrera
Name removed by request
Mike Adams

Location: student center 3rd Floor

2:45 3:00 Coffee Break and Transition to Panels

Emerging Technologies

Vertical Industries

3:00 4:15

The Human Factor: The Key to Successful Transformations

Cyrus (Chuck) Gibson
Jeanne Lieb
Mark Arian
Rob Ramrath
Shawn Banerji
Steve Karl

Location: Kresge auditorium

Virtualization of IT Infrastructure: Opportunity or Threat?

Bill Adamowski
Bill Corrigan
Alan Chhabra
Dave Fachetti
Joe Howard

Location: student center 20 Chimneys

Healthcare & Life Sciences: Dealing with the Exploding Growth and Extraordinary Complexity of Enterprise Data

John Glaser
Patrik Hymel
Karan J. Sorensen
Steven E. Locke
Jim Graham

Location: student center 3rd Floor

Public Sector Growth and Transformation: Innovating During Periods of Uncertainty and Change

Bill Oates
James Noga
Ken Theis
Mark Hall
Viji Murali

Location: little kresge

4:15 4:45 Coffee Break and Networking
4:45 5:45

The Greening of the Data Center

Rebecca Henderson
Patrick Guay
Jill Feblowitz
Stephen C Savage
Shlomo Novotny

Location: Kresge auditorium

5:45 7:00 Conference Close & Networking Reception
Location: Kresge lobby

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