Steve Karl
Performance Ridge Consulting

Steve Karl is a founding principle of Performance Ridge Consulting where he helps clients improve business capabilities and maximize value through their transformation programs.

Steve retired from American Express in 2006 following a remarkable 21 year career, where he was a Senior Vice President and member of the company's Global Management Team. Steve's experience as a company executive included virtually all major Information Technology disciplines as well as a number of line and transformation roles in business operations.

Throughout his years at American Express, Steve was a change agent and reengineering expert. Steve continually gravitated to, or was handpicked to lead large complex programs for American Express. He was personally responsible for some of the most impactful and strategic transformations, including a $4 billion infrastructure outsourcing deal, now in its sixth year, recognized in the industry at the time (2002) as the largest and most innovative IT outsourcing agreement. The new model for flexible delivery of infrastructure service continues to yield savings measured in hundreds of millions of dollars over the seven year agreement.