Rob Ramrath

Educated as a Mechanical Engineer with a BSME, Rob has worked for Bose Corporation for eighteen years. He joined with the charge to lead the company from manual drafting/design methods to automated computer-aided-design technologies.

As utilization of technology increased in product development, their needs for a robust infrastructure grew commensurately. To meet those needs, Rob developed an IT department and infrastructure to meet the application, computer and networking needs of the corporation's development community. He managed the Engineering Systems organization for eight years, implementing a variety of CAD tools, along with an advanced Product Data Management system.

In 1998, Rob was asked to lead the Corporate Information Services (CIS) department with responsibility for all elements of the corporate IT strategy, infrastructure and transactional systems. In 2000, Rob was appointed the first CIO for Bose Corporation.

Under Rob's leadership CIS has successfully deployed corporate solutions for CRM, global network connectivity and back-office transactional solutions to harmonize process, inventory management and fulfillment capabilities across all sales channels.