Imad Mouline

Imad Mouline brings years of software architecture, research and development experience to Gomez. At Gomez, Mouline works with customers, analysts, industry groups and internal resources to help drive the Gomez technology and business strategy to meet customersí needs in the face of new business and technology trends.

Prior to Gomez, Mouline held the position of chief technology officer at S1 Corp. There he played a variety of roles across departments, including engineering, product management, sales and marketing. Previously, Mouline served as director of engineering in the office of the CTO at BroadVision, after its acquisition of Interleaf. At Interleaf, Mouline held various professional services and engineering roles, where he ultimately served as the director of engineering for product architecture, while contributing code to one of the products.

Mouline has spoken at various user conferences and technology events (e.g., Interop Las Vegas and Think Tank). He has also participated in executive conferences such as the InfoWorld CTO Forum. Mouline is a valued source to media, analysts and bloggers on a range of topics, including how to engineer customer experience into online applications and services.

Mouline holds a bachelorís degree in management science/information technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.