Andrew P. McAfee
Associate Professor
Harvard Business School

Andrew McAfee joined the faculty of the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School in 1998. His research investigates how managers can most effectively select, implement, and use Information Technology (IT) to achieve business goals .

His current research falls into three categories. The first is an exploration of how Web 2.0 technologies can be used within the enterprise, and what their impact is likely to be. The second is an exploration of when IT leads to increased use of market mechanisms for coordinating activity, and when it instead leads to greater use of hierarchies. The third is a study of IT's impact over time on the structure of US industries. He launched the first HBS faculty blog, which examines the impact of IT on businesses and their leaders.

McAfee teaches the MBA course Managing in the Information Age. He also teaches in Executive Education courses, including Delivering Information Services, the Owner/President Manager Program, the General Manager Program, and Senior Executive Program from the Middle East.