Ken Theis
Michigan Department of Information Technology

Mr. Theis serves as the Director for the Michigan Department of Information Technology (MDIT), where he and his agency of 1,700 employees are responsible for delivering technology services to individual Executive Branch agencies in state government.

Mr. Theis came to the State of Michigan from the General Motors Corporation where he led the reorganization and reengineering of Oldsmobile Division Systems and IT implementation. He also led the Systems Reengineering & Information Technology implementation for the reorganization of six General Motors marketing divisions into one centralized sales and marketing organization. His tenure within Michigan government includes his service as Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Michigan Family Agency and the Chief Deputy Director for the Michigan Department of Information Technology.

Mr. Theis was named to the 'Premier 100' list by ComputerWorld magazine, placing him in the “Best in Class” as one of the top ten technology leaders in the country. In 1998, he received the General Motors Chairman’s Honors Award and was also the recipient of the General Motors CIO Award in 1999. He has a BS degree from Ferris State University and MBA degree from Northwood University.