Kenneth Ouimet
MyWorld Investing, Inc.

Ken Ouimet is a founder and CEO of MyWorld Investing, Inc. Frustrated with the current state of investment services: hidden fees, high costs, biased and ad-hoc advice and slow response times; Mr. Ouimet founded MyWorld Investing to give investors control over their investment strategies while leveraging mathematical optimization to rigorously manage millions of detailed tactical decisions. Mr. Ouimet also serves on the boards of two analytic software companies.

Prior to founding MyWorld Investing, Mr. Ouimet served as SAPís Chief Scientist As Chief Scientist, he headed SAPís Demand Management Innovation Group. Under Mr. Ouimetís leadership the Innovation Group filed numerous patents, partnered with Microsoft and was awarded SAPís MVP award for Innovation.

Mr. Ouimet along with his brother Tim Ouimet are the founders of Khimetrics, and are credited with launching the Retail Revenue Management Industry in 1995. Khimetrics was a leading provider of Demand Management software to the Retail, Financial Services and CPG Industries and was acquired by SAP in Jan 2006. Khimetrics went through explosive growth and was listed two years in a row as one of Inc Magazineís fastest growing companies and as one of Fortune magazineís top 25 breakout companies. Ken served as Khimetricsí Chief Technology Officer and served on the companyís board of directors from founding through acquisition.

Mr. Ouimet has been awarded numerous patents relating to promotions, pricing, demand management and optimization. Prior to Khimetrics, Mr. Ouimet served as the Director of Research & Development for Comparative Prices International, where he developed retail-pricing methods used by national retailers and wholesalers.

Mr. Ouimet holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis, and did his Ph.D. work in Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara where he was on a NSF Fellowship.