Financial Services: Innovating Under Uncertainty – Key Lessons for CIOs

Niraj Patel
Witmer LLC

Niraj Patel is a partner at Witmer Partners and has 15+ years of experience in the mortgage banking industry focusing on global business synergies, Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), and Technology. Patel has a successful track record in uncovering hidden value with innovative solutions, which increases profitability and performance within an organization. His strategic initiatives have contributed to organic growth, in-organic growth through acquisitions, investments, technology solutions, and industry exit plans. As a multi-national/cross border expert, Mr. Patel has most recently been supporting the 4th largest family in India in creating one of the largest BPO and Technology provider in the residential mortgage vertical and bringing asset securitization to India’s marketplace.

Previously, Mr. Patel served as a founding member and Executive Vice President/CIO of GMAC Commercial Mortgage and was responsible for all of the technology assets worldwide. Patel is recognized as an award-winning innovator by Temple University and is one of the leading technologists in financial services. Computer World, CIO Magazine and the Financial Services Technology Forum has awarded Patel the top 25 Chief Technology Officers for several consecutive years.

Mr. Patel serves on numerous boards and panels, speaks at industry conferences and has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal and numerous real estate, finance and technology publications. Mr. Patel’s community and professional memberships include the Microsoft Executive Circle; Eastern Technology Council; the Board of Advisors at the Temple University Fox School of Business; Philadelphia Library Advisory Council, NPower CIO Advisory Council and his executive board experience includes: the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) Board of Directors, REIT Capital Solutions, EnableUS, Epitome Systems, MortgageRamp, Deskom and GTEL. He is a Wharton certified manager and has a BBA in Finance and MIS from Temple University.