Steven E. Locke
Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Steven E. Locke, M.D. is the founder and president of Veritas Health Solutions LLC, a Boston-based behavioral telehealth consulting firm specializing in technology-supported behavioral medicine and disease management. He is a research psychiatrist at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation and the Division of Clinical Informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with appointments at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Locke teaches at Harvard Medical School as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Technology and directs a course on e-health entrepreneurship offered since 1998 in the Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

Dr. Locke is past-President of the American Psychosomatic Society and has held leadership roles in professional organizations and has organized meeting programs in behavioral medicine, telehealth, and disease management. A popular speaker, Dr. Locke has been a keynote speaker at events in the US, Europe, and Asia. He also maintains a part-time practice of primary care psychiatry and behavioral medicine in Wayland, MA where he co-chairs the town’s Pandemic Flu Task Force for the Board of Health.