Public Sector Growth and Transformation: Innovating During Periods of Uncertainty and Change

Innovation is a key driver of growth in public sector projects, at all levels (e.g. federal, state and city); the harsh reality is that the everyday blocking and tackling in services has to be done in an era of tight budgets and declining revenues. In the years ahead, public sector CIOs will play a critical role in promoting a better service environment for various stakeholders, and to try to manage more with less. As cities of the world commit to new phases of growth and expansion, the need for information and the ability to manage it becomes increasingly more critical. Proper planning and the ability to react to and support change through effective data analysis, event and information management, and timely intervention will be paramount to success. During emergencies, government officials and public service providers will be expected to quickly defuse and manage the increasing potential for dysfunction and crisis. Well-defined guidelines, protocols, systems, and their executions will be critical to the success.

Bill Oates, James Noga, Ken Theis, Mark Hall, Viji Murali,